Ted (edward_godwin) wrote,

Shove it up your corporate right-wing ...

Listening to the radio yesterday I got a little annoyed. A right-wing think-tank published a report calling on Canada post to be "privatized". They cited a need for "improvements" that would come from this destruction of another public service.

I am so tired of hearing this corporate bull-puckey. I have never been more satisifed with Canada Post in all my life! We did a lot of Xmas shopping online last year and it was delivered by Canada Post promptly and with care. They even delivered on Sundays and Thanksgiving Monday!

Why don't the corporate-fascists just admit that they want all public services destroyed while we are turned into barcode-zombies consuming whatever crap they decide to sell. Some things should be managed for the public benefit and the postal system is one of those things IMO.

Thanks for letting me rant a little.
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