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Have a Merry LEGO Christmas!

Well Christmas was good for me as I got both the Holiday Train (10173) and the Creator Buildings (4886) sets. What was really really surprising however was what my sister found for me in a second hand store for $7.99: the Dark Forest Fortress (6079).

Released in 1996 this set is supposed to have 461 pieces. After putting it together I came up 11 pieces short (10 missing + 1 broken) means it is nearly 98% complete!

There were other instructions and matching pieces which may have made up for some of the main set's missing pieces but I did get all the mini-figs (+2 castle and one space fig). the bulk of the missing bits are of course weapons and shields but at least I did one classic sword, a halberd and a couple of spears and two classic bow and arrow w/quivers sets.

Add in the bucket o'LEGO I got at Yule revel from scrivener13 and I figure I am doing pretty well.

Now, if I can just find time to build...
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